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A rough noise solution in the operation of the mill

During the operation of the [url=]vertical roller mill[/url], the noise is too high and the speed is uneven, which affects the quality of the product. What should I do in this situation? Most of this phenomenon is caused by mechanical damage or wear and poor lubrication. We first find the fault location according to the generated sound. Remove the protective plate on the back of the mill and notice that the gearbox is beeping. Remove the fixing screws one by one and find that the grease in the gearbox is dry and the gears are bright. The “click” sound of the mill can also be emitted by a DC motor. It may be that the motor bearings are short of oil. If this is the case, remove it and lubricate it and eliminate the sound. Skills can replace high temperatures. First, compress the pressure spring by hand, then place one end of the high temperature belt on the rubber wheel and the other end on the other rubber wheel, set the governor to low speed, start, close to the motion inertia, high temperature belt automatically load. This indicates that the cause of the malfunction is lack of oil. Mix the same type of oil and grease into the gearbox and tighten the screws to recover. When the power is turned on, the “beep” sound disappears, indicating normal. In addition, if the joint of the high temperature belt is slack, severely damaged, the surface is not clean, the surface is dirty, and it will not be synchronized with the traction wheel during operation, and sometimes a “click” sound will be emitted. The solution is to replace the high temperature strip of the same specification. The changes in the times have also made the performance of the mill more outstanding. The former mill achieved the pursuit of automation and found its own direction. The development prospects of the mill will naturally get better and better. Pay attention to your image is a requirement. A good social image makes the development of the mill more pursued. It is not only the profits that are still healthy for you.

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