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Cone crusher crushing chamber often wear?

With the development of the industry, the demand for crushers is also increasing. Among them,SBM Cone crusher are widely used for crushing hard materials. The crushing cavity is the most critical part of the cone crusher. It controls the particle size of the crushed product and the output of the whole machine, and plays a great role. Of course, damage is also the most frequent, especially wear often appears. Today, I will tell you the reasons for the wear of the crushing cavity of the cone crusher. 1.High ore hardness In the process of crushing ore, the cone crusher will increase the impact and collision strength of the cavity wall if the hardness of the ore is high or too large. Long-term impact collision will aggravate the wear of the crushing cavity and cause damage to the crushing cavity. . It is recommended that the nature of the ore should be controlled and not exceed the range specified by the equipment. 2.Too much residual material in the cavity Although some accumulations remain in the crushing cavity under certain circumstances, it is to protect the crushing cavity from direct contact with the material and damage it. However, excessive accumulation of material in the cavity will affect the crushing of the material in the cavity, and there is insufficient space for operation. However, the system will automatically increase the impact force on the material, of course, it will also cause some damage to the crushing cavity, or it will be severely worn phenomenon. It is recommended that appropriate accumulations remain in the cavity, not too much. 3.The crushing cavity is blocked If the crushing cavity is blocked during work, it will not only affect the production volume of the equipment, but also cause great damage to the crushing cavity. If the wear is serious, when the crushing cavity of the cone crusher is blocked, the material cannot be quickly discharged, and the fixed and moving cone parts still crush the material. The continuous impact and collision in the cavity cause the wear and damage of the crushing cavity. phenomenon. 4.Poor quality of crushing cavity If the material of the crushing cavity is too poor, its toughness and wear resistance are very low, then the work time will not be long, especially when the hardness of the material is too high or too large, it will quickly increase the wear of the crushing cavity. To reduce the life of the crushing cavity. It is recommended to use the original materials configured by the factory as far as possible

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