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Crusher method for reducing energy consumption

The crusher is an important equipment in mining. The Successful stone production line is divided into a hammer crusher, a jaw crusher, a counter crusher, and an impact crusher. For such a variety of crushers, improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and increasing market competitiveness are key. Here are some ways in which the crusher can reduce energy consumption. 1. The bulk material in the crusher meets the requirements of breakability, and the material strength should be within the high strength that the crusher can handle. 2. In the process of crushing, the non-crushed material such as iron blocks should be prevented from entering the crushing chamber. 3. In the crushing production line, the screening equipment is reasonably installed, and the broken materials are separated in time to avoid repeated operations. 4. Improve the stress of the components of the equipment, give full play to the function of laminating and crushing in the crushing process, and ensure the uniformity of the strength of the feeding materials in the production process. 5. The laminating and crushing method can achieve the energy-saving purpose of the crushing equipment. In order to greatly improve the energy utilization rate of the Crusher Plant, the conditions for laminating the crushed feedstock need to be met. Studies have shown that when the bulk material is in the 6-10 layer, the energy saving and consumption reduction of the equipment is obvious. 6. Try to make the crusher close to the material supply layer of the plugging layer, and achieve greater energy saving and consumption reduction. Shanghai SBM crusher has always paid great attention to crushing efficiency, reducing energy consumption to a large extent, and improving the energy utilization rate of the crusher, so as to bring higher value to customers.

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