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High-efficiency sand making machine strictly determines the incoming particles according to the boundary requirements

What to do on an efficient sand making machine Whatever we do, if we want to complete it successfully, we must stop deepening and understanding the problem, then develop a scientifically feasible plan, then separate and practice to do the right thing. Otherwise, even good ideas, even greater enthusiasm, will be in the process of implementing chaos, enthusiasm and often endless. When the high-efficiency sand making machine is in the batching machine, if it is not accurately controlled, it may cause unnecessary accidents, or affect the work progress or even cause damage to the machine. Therefore, in order to ensure that the machine can maintain a good state, ensure safe production. In order to reduce occupational safety and health hazards, the safety control of the sand making machine must not be ignored. Note: When checking the operation, check if the door can be closed; check the direction of rotation of the impeller from the inlet direction. The impeller should roll counterclockwise, otherwise the motor cable should be adjusted; the high-efficiency sand making machine must be started at no load, and the sander can be advanced during normal operation. The starting time of the sand making machine and the feeding device is: the material given by the sand discharging machine stops in the opposite direction to the starting time; the incoming particles are strictly determined according to the boundary requirements, preventing the larger than the specified material from entering the sand making machine, preventing the formation of the infarction impeller passage And the center feeding tube, the feed force diagram is continuous and uniform; When the discharge device stops, the feed should be stopped in time; if severe vibration and abnormal noise occur during the operation of the high-efficiency sand making machine, it should be checked immediately; when the sand making machine is working, add appropriate amount of smooth grease; during consumption, Safety is very important. Therefore, in addition to ensuring the safe operation of the equipment during operation and operation, it is necessary to take perfect protection measures whenever possible. The above seven main requirements must be observed. Peaceful operation is a prerequisite for the successful completion of work. No central government can do without the development of security measures. Since we can control humanity, peace is in our hands.

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