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How many meshes can be milled by limestone mill?


Limestone is used in a wide variety of applications, such as direct processing of limestone into stone and firing into quicklime; as a coating material and tile adhesive. Used as a filler for rubber, plastic, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. However, the use of limestone materials is inseparable from the processing of limestone mills. If limestone is not processed, it can only be filled with simple raw materials. The finer the Limestone Mill‘s finer limestone mesh, the wider its use and the higher the value.

1. According to the nature of limestone, formulate the number of fine grinding sands

As an important building material, limestone has a long history of mining. Limestone is the main raw material for the manufacture of cement, lime and calcium carbide. It is an indispensable flux limestone in the metallurgical industry. After being ground by a limestone mill, high-quality limestone is widely used in the manufacture of paper, rubber, medicine, cosmetics, feed and other products. In the grinding process by the limestone mill, the number of meshes is determined according to the nature of the limestone. If the limestone has a high hardness and a high density, the first mesh is coarser, but this is not terrible. The limestone can be placed in a limestone mill for fine grinding. Therefore, the grinding number of the limestone mill is related to limestone, adjusting the properties of limestone and improving the fineness of the mesh.

2, according to the demand, adjust the size of the mesh

The limestone mill has a reasonable structure, and the fittings cooperate with each other in the work. The system is simple and the layout is compact. It is an advanced and high-end equipment in the milling equipment. Generally, the finished product of the conventional milling equipment has a particle size of 80-325 mesh, and the finished product of the limestone mill has a finer particle size, and there is no requirement for the limestone material. In addition, the limestone mill covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 50% of the sanding system and can be placed in the open air, thus greatly reducing the investment cost. In addition, the grinding efficiency is high, and the grinding stone powder material is directly crushed on the grinding disc by the grinding roller, and the energy consumption is low. In addition, during the work, the grinding roller is not in direct contact with the grinding disc, and the grinding roller and the lining plate are made of high-quality materials, so the service life is long and the wear is small.

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