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How much is a sand making machine? See how the sand making machine manufacturers say?

The urbanization process has accelerated, the infrastructure construction has increased, and the amount of sand and gravel has increased. However, due to river regulation and river sand ban, the supply of river sand on the market is not only insufficiently supplied, but the price is still very high, resulting in many project projects being available due to no sand. And stop working. At this time, the mechanism sand as a substitute for river sand began to emerge, but the mechanism sand needs special machinery to prepare, so the most problem encountered as a sand making machine manufacturer is naturally how much the sand making machine is. A set of sand production lines often consists of feeding equipment, sand making equipment, screening equipment and conveying equipment. During the period, each equipment cooperates with each other to process the materials that meet the feeding specifications into fine sand. Such a production line is calculated to be several hundred thousand or so depending on the output. However, if the raw material is too large and the crushing equipment needs to be added to the front section, the cost of the entire production line will be high. The following small series will explain to you the factors that need to be understood in advance before purchasing the production line. 1. Raw material The material of the raw material is related to the selection of equipment. The crushing equipment used for raw materials of different hardness is not used. After the material is clearly defined, the equipment selection is carried out, which is conducive to investing less money to buy more suitable equipment. 2. The feed size crushing equipment has its own feed size limit, and the size of the raw material should meet the feed port size of the crushing equipment. 3, production capacity crushing equipment has its own production capacity range, according to the size of the user’s output, to choose the appropriate crushing equipment, the production line is economical and reasonable. 4, discharge specifications discharge specifications directly affect the selection of screening equipment, the size of the finished product is related to the size of the screen size of the sieve, the type of finished product affects the number of sieve layers of the screening equipment. Therefore, when users purchase the crushing/sand making machine line, they should understand the above four requirements, and then feed back the four requirements to the equipment manufacturer. After a series of calculations, the equipment manufacturer will reply the equipment selection and the price of the production line to you.

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