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How to solve the problem of excessive vibration and noise of the mill?

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate. Lime and limestone are widely used as building materials and are also important raw materials for many industries. Limestone can be directly processed into stone and burned into quicklime. Lime includes quick lime and hydrated lime. The main component of quicklime is CaO, which is generally massive, pure white, and light gray or light yellow when containing impurities. Quicklime absorbs moisture or adds water to become slaked lime, slaked lime is also called slaked lime, and its main component is Ca (OH) 2. Slaked lime is formulated into lime mortar, lime paste, lime mortar, etc., which is used as coating material and tile adhesive. Limestone can be used in many aspects after being ground by mill equipment, such as plastics, rubber, sealing adhesive materials, paints, paper, ink, etc. Shanghai SBM Machine Co., Ltd. is a mill manufacturer specializing in the development and production of crushing and milling engineering technology products. It specializes in grinding and crushing of limestone, calcite, dolomite, mica and other ore materials. Pioneering and innovative development strategy, facing the main battlefield of economic construction, according to the domestic and foreign market demand, the introduction of advanced foreign high-end technology, research and development of Raymond mill, overpressure mill, high-pressure suspended roller mill, strong pressure mill Machines, high-pressure mills, Raymond mills, desulfurization mills, sand and gravel production lines and other series of equipment have the domestic advanced level, some products have reached the international advanced level, and have been rated as excellent “Raymond mill manufacturers”, excellent “Crusher manufacturer”. We all know that the mill equipment runs empty before feeding, the sound is very loud, part of it is the sound made by the motor, and the other is that when the grinding roller rotates in the grinding cabin, a loud metal mill Pressure sound, so these are normal. When the ground material enters the grinding chamber, the noise will gradually decrease as the grinding roller rolls the material. This is because the grinding roller is rolling the material, and the noise is not so loud. When crushing the material, the blade of the Raymond mill will throw the material up and squeeze and grind it by the grinding roller of the mill to achieve powder formation. The finished powder will be blown up by the fan and enter the pipeline through the analysis machine , And then fall into the powder accumulator. During the decades of production and operation of SBM Machinery Co., Ltd., it has been a painstaking effort to develop and improve the milling machine. Through the return visits to the company’s users, many users report that the milling machine is really good. If the powder machine equipment takes a little longer, some equipment will have some vibration and noise. In response to these problems reflected by users, the company immediately held a technical meeting to study the cause of this problem, and issued a military order. Within five working days This problem is solved and the user is given a satisfactory answer. If the main vibration of the mill is severe, it should be stopped and checked. First check whether the materials are accumulated and not discharged, and then the vibration caused by the mill, and then check whether the grinding roller and grinding ring of the mill are damaged. This is also the cause If the cause of vibration and noise is as described above, replace the grinding roller or grinding ring; this way the fault is removed. Another reason can also cause vibration, that is, the anchor bolts, the loosening of the anchor bolts, and the main unit of the mill cannot be fixed properly. When the material enters, the rotation of the motor will cause the main unit to swing, causing a large vibration failure. When this happens, you should stop immediately and tighten the anchor bolts. The operability of the mill is very important. It should be carried out in strict accordance with the operation manual. If a fault occurs, it should be repaired immediately. The mill with faults must not be forced to work to avoid greater losses. These are the experiences summed up by SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. during the sales return visit. Regardless of whether or not you buy a SBM Machine Co., Ltd. mill, SBM will answer your questions. Welcome friends to come to SBM Machine Co., Ltd. Crusher base visit! You are also welcome to call for related knowledge at any time.

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