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Konad the most important spirit, so that everyone can be DIY paint your own hands. 
‧ simple – the choice of the pattern on the special paint paint paint, immediately scrape excess paint with a scraper, and then stick with the switch from the pattern stamp, printed on the nail. 
The only commercially available product with a transfer mode of painting. Konad design is the most simple operation, easy to use. 
‧ quickly – just take a few minutes, you can complete the painting of beauty’s hands. 
‧ economy – a simple reusable tools, the price everyone can afford. 
‧ creative – dozens of hundreds of patterns and color combinations, as long as creativity, from simple to complex changes in the wind to Japan from the pop flavor, you can easily make a professional painter can not be achieved.

Konad 最重要精神,讓每個人皆可DIY 彩繪自己的雙手。
‧簡單 – 在選擇的圖案上,塗上專用彩繪漆,立即用刮刀刮除多餘顏料,然後用轉印章將圖案黏起,印在指甲上。市面上唯一用轉印方式的彩繪商品。 Konad 的操作設計是最為簡單,容易上手。
‧迅速 – 只需花上幾分鐘,就可美美的完成彩繪的雙手。

‧經濟 – 簡單可重複使用的工具,價格人人可消費得起。

‧創意 – 數百種圖案及數十種顏色的組合,只要發揮創意,從簡單到複雜變化,從普普風 到東洋味,可輕易做出專業彩繪師也無法達到的效果。

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