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Raymond milling machine processing fineness adjustment method

Raymond milling machine is an ultra-fine milling equipment for processing ore milling. The fineness adjustment range is between 50-400 mesh, and it can be fed into powder once. Raymond mill uses limestone and other ore for processing limestone and other ore, energy saving and environmental protection, small footprint, low energy consumption, simple and efficient. The main components in the Raymond mill are grinding rollers, grinding rings, air ducts, blades, plum blossom frames, main shafts, etc. There are cast iron parts and cast steel parts. Raymond Mill’s grinding rollers and rings are mostly made of alloy steel, which is more wear-resistant. Today, I will briefly introduce the method of adjusting the fineness of the processed materials of the Raymond milling machine that many friends have consulted. The fineness adjustment of the Raymond mill is simple as long as the damper is used to control the air volume. Another point is to adjust the fineness of the analyzer by controlling the speed of the analyzer. The fineness adjustment of the Raymond mill is that the air volume is large, the fineness is coarse, and the output is high; the air volume is small, the fineness is fine, and the output is low. Raymond mill adopts the principle of rolling roller air separation, so the wear of the grinding roller and grinding ring is relatively strong. When processing the material, it is recommended to crush the material below 3-5CM, so that the grinding roller and grinding ring Less wear and tear and higher processing output. Raymond mill is designed with positive and negative pressure. In operation, it is necessary to clarify the working principle and understand which part is positive pressure and which part is negative pressure. Another key technology of Raymond Mill is the valve at the discharge port. When there is no material, it must not leak. When there is material, it can play a sealing role. At this time, the material can be discharged at a uniform speed, but also Don’t put too much material, there must be a small amount of material stored to play a sealing role, so the output is relatively high.

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