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Refueling maintenance parts of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly milling equipment for processing ore milling. The roller crushing and air separation achieve fineness and output. Once feeding and powdering, the air separation does not require a screen and does not cause blockage of the equipment. . Today, talk about the maintenance of Raymond mill, that is, the problem of refueling. Raymond grinders are usually greased, and the new type of lubricating oil is mainly the part of the roller assembly, so it is still butter. The refueling parts of the Raymond mill are mainly on the host, there are about seven refueling holes, some parts such as the grinding roller assembly need to be refueled once a day, other parts such as the main shaft, plum blossom frame, analyzer and base part are all refueling Just refuel once a week or so. The key part of the Raymond Mill refueling is the grinding roller assembly. When refueling, two refueling holes need to be opened at the same time, otherwise the bearing will be easily damaged if the refill is not filled with oil. What is the purpose of refueling the grinding roller assembly? Very few parts are for lubricating bearings. Most of them require the asbestos packing inside to expand. Locking the bearing will not allow dust into the grinding roller bearing chamber, so the bearings inside are not easily damaged. . The whole set of Raymond grinding machine, other parts are refueled once a week, and the grinding roller assembly is oiled once a day. As long as the refueling is maintained and there is no problem with the equipment, grinding and production can be carried out with peace of mind.

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