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SBM teaches you how to solve common faults in ultra-fine mills

In the production process, the components of the Ultrafine Mill equipment will inevitably have such failures. Only when these faults are well solved can the equipment be in good working condition, so the main point of this article is to explain the ultra-fine grinding equipment in production. In recent years, SBM has also invested a lot of research on the faults in the process of equipment work. It also made some conclusions on the problem of component failure of ultra-fine mill equipment. Let me introduce you to the following. : First of all, for the problem of equipment components, the manufacturer’s solution is to check whether the power outlet, power cord, etc. are broken or not, and if there are any problems, it should be solved in time. Otherwise, the power supply can be used and the test machine can be used. jobs; The second is the problem that the motor does not rotate after the device is powered on. At this time, the wheel is lightly moved by hand. If the rotation indicates that one of the starting capacitors of the device has failed; Once again, the pressure is applied after the device is energized, and a weak current sound is emitted, indicating that the starting capacitor has a slight leakage. If the current is loud and the motor cannot be started, the starting capacitor is short-circuited; For the fault problems and corresponding solutions in the production of Ultrafine Mill components, the above summary is clear. In the actual working process, only the maintenance of the equipment can be fine to ensure the working state of the equipment.

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