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The order of opening and stopping of vertical mill, the application range of Shanghai vertical mill in the field of industrial milling

The vertical mill is no stranger to everyone, because its application is really wide. The operation of the vertical mill is also very simple, but it has its own order of opening and closing, you know, let us take a look. Vertical mills are widely used in cement, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, non-metallic minerals and other industries for the grinding and ultra-fine grinding operations of various solid materials. Although the operation of the vertical roller mill is not complicated, there are some things that we should abide by, such as the sequence of operations. Let’s take a look at the sequence of the vertical mill. The vertical mill starts and stops in sequence: The mill starts first, the oil level valve position should be in place; the material of the material bed needs to be paved enough, and it is ready to be inspected again; the oil road waterway is unblocked, the oil station filter plug is not blocked; the tension pressure is not enough, and the pressure of the door is not enough. The mill looks at the system, the host must be coherent before and after; the raw material warehouse is full of dissatisfaction, the raw material warehouse is not empty; notify the inspection to see the scene, the front and rear auxiliary machines can be normal. Check it can be turned on, the boot sequence should be understood; follow the logistics reverse, after grinding, the auxiliary machine is first opened; after grinding, the auxiliary machine is normal, then open the main machine vertical mill; how to open the mill, first open the oil pump; First, low pressure and high pressure, then open the sealing fan; after 10 minutes, the large fan, beyond the clutch and then connected; auxiliary motor to transition, then open the main motor; raw material delivery to keep up, to prevent empty grinding less danger. Normally, the monitoring data should be carefully observed; the various parameters should be remembered in the heart, and the comparative analysis should be regular; if there is no need to panic, the calm processing will be appropriate; the order of shutdown is reversed, and the logistics stop to the end; the host stops without urgency. The oil pump stops slowly for three or five minutes; after the circulation fan stops, it seals after ten minutes; cut off the power supply and water source, and record and clean. The above is the jingle of the vertical mill during the start-stop process, which is very easy to understand and provides assistance to the frontline operators. The vertical mill is a mechanical device with a very simple working principle. It is the leader in the grinding industry. The vertical mill is destined to be a miracle.

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