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Three Factors Influencing Raymond Mill Casting Process

The casting process of Raymond Mill equipment is an important factor to determine the quality of wear-resisting parts. Today, Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Introduces three factors that affect the casting process of Raymond mill. 1. The quality of raw materials used in casting directly determines the quality of Raymond mill. For example, the quality of refractory materials, fuel, flux and casting sand is not up to standard, so that defects such as pinhole, slag inclusion and sand sticking occur in cast iron, which will affect the quality of cast iron and make cast iron scrap. 2. Reasonable process operation rules to improve the technical level of workers. In production, the quality of Raymond Mill castings should be controlled. At the same time, from raw materials, auxiliary materials to each product control and inspection process. For each process must be strictly in accordance with the process code, and finally the quality of the finished castings are inspected. Good materials, coupled with reasonable process operation, can produce high-quality products. 3. According to the structure of casting parts, the quality and size of wear-resisting parts, the characteristics of casting alloy and the production conditions, the proper casting process should be selected and the casting ribs, gating system and risers should be reasonably set up to ensure the good cast iron parts. Above are three factors about the casting technology of Raymond mill. In production, the problem of abrasion is unavoidable. Good raw materials, reasonable operation rules and casting technology are needed to improve the quality of abrasion-resistant parts of Raymond mill.

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