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What are the main electronic control systems of Raymond Mill equipment?

Regardless of the type of machinery used in mine processing, electronic control systems are a very important part. Raymond mill equipment uses advanced technology and unique structural form. When the material is milled, the electronic control system in the control cabinet plays an effective role in the operation of each part. So, what are the main electronic control systems of Raymond Mill equipment? 1. Control of the start of the main engine and the fan. Many users will find that when the Raymond mill equipment is used, the startup mode of the Raymond mill main fan is not exactly the same under different power capacity conditions. If the Raymond mill equipment has a capacity greater than 30 kW, a step-down start is generally used. When the capacity is less than 30 kW, it can be started directly. Under the premise of no special circumstances, the host generally adopts the Yanbian triangle to start, and the fan is mainly started by the star triangle. 2. Control of the amount of vibration feed. The electromagnetic vibration feeding device is an indispensable feeding device for the material grinding operation. During the operation of the Raymond mill equipment, the current of the main motor and the fan motor controls the automatic feeding condition of the vibrating feeder. The specific control method is that, under the condition that the fan is running normally, once the host current exceeds the rated current, the feeding will be stopped, and after the current drops, the automatic feeding will be resumed. 3. Control of the analyzer. This is an important part of the electronic control system of Raymond mill equipment. It controls the control machine through the speed motor drive, and achieves the control of the fineness of the mill equipment. The above is the main component of the Raymond mill equipment electronic control system, and is also a very important part of the milling operation. For many years, SBM has been engaged in the processing and development of various mine development machinery and equipment such as Raymond mill equipment, high-pressure grinding powder and European version grinding. If you have any questions or needs, you can contact us for consultation. We will give you the most professional. Technical solution.

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