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What are the reasons for the easy wear of sand making machine parts?

Sand making machine is the most important equipment in the sand and gravel production line, and also the equipment with the most serious loss, usually including plate hammer, counter lining, casing lining and rotor body guard plate. Among them, the failure time of the hammer is the shortest, and the repair cost is quite high. Therefore, the most important thing to solve the high-efficiency wear is to reduce the loss of the hammer. So what exactly causes the Sand Making Machine parts to wear easily? First, the influence of processing capacity and discharge gap. The processing capacity of the sand making machine has a certain influence on the loss of the hammer. When the processing capacity increases, the particle size of the product will become coarse, the crushing ratio will decrease, and the unit wear rate of the hammer will also increase. Changing the size of the discharge gap can also change the thickness of the product size to a certain extent, so it also has a certain impact on the wear of the hammer. Second, the impact of the nature of the material to be crushed. The material to be crushed also has multiple effects on the abrasion of the hammer, including factors such as the hardness of the material, the size of the feed particle size and the moisture content of the material. They all have different effects on the abrasion of the hammer to varying degrees. Hardness has the greatest influence on the abrasion of the hammer. Third, the effect of line speed. The size of the linear velocity directly affects the size of the impact force exerted by the hammer on the material and the size of the crushing ratio, and plays a decisive role in the particle size of the product. After understanding the reasons for the serious loss of the hammers of the sand making machine, the next thing we need to do is to “apply the medicines to the symptoms”. For the specific problems of the sand making machine, we often communicate with the users and find the reasons to solve the problems in time. Of course, it is best if we can prevent it from happening. Aiming at the problem of the abrasion of the hammer in the sand making machine, SBM Heavy Industries provides everyone with the following countermeasures: reasonable selection of working parameters and structure; improving the utilization rate of the hammer, reducing the replacement time of the hammer; improving the material of the hammer to make it not only have the Strong abrasion resistance, but also has a high turbidity resistance. The service life of sand making machine parts directly affects the production efficiency of sand making. Unreasonable use of equipment can only increase the production cost of the enterprise and reduce production profits. Therefore, SBM Heavy Industry recommends that new and old customers should use scientifically when using equipment At the same time, it must be maintained in time to minimize the wear of equipment parts and effectively extend the service life of the equipment. How to complete the whole set of sand making machine equipment for effective application. Sand making equipment is an assembly line composed of many equipments. Based on feeding equipment, first-level crushing equipment, fine crushing equipment, and screening equipment, some need washing equipment flow. The complete sand making machine includes: It can be repaired and designed by itself according to the drawings provided by the manufacturer of the site without the need to purchase. Secondly, the vibrating feeder’s function is to feed uniformly to the next process to ensure that it does not block or jam during the crushing process. Next is the first-level crushing equipment, usually choose jaw crusher (E-break) to do a crush, its structure is hard, it is very reliable and durable for crushing stones, through the jaw crusher The crushing cavity squeezes the stone inside, and then evenly crushes the material into materials that meet the feed standard of the next layer of sand making machine or fine crusher equipment. The next process equipment of the jaw crusher is the high-efficiency sand maker or fine crusher. As the name implies, the sand maker is to make the material into a finished product with the same fineness as the sand. The finished product is not directly used after it comes out, and it still needs to be behind it. Equipped with a vibrating screen (vibration screening machine), the finished sand is screened evenly, and sand with similar particle size and fineness is separated according to type, thus ensuring the standardity and uniformity of the sand. Some places are mountain sand, which contains mud, or river pebbles, etc., then we may need to use a sand washing machine to clean the sand to meet the national standard. The equipment generally included in the complete sand making machine production line is basically mentioned above. In some places, depending on the output and the texture of the material, our supporting process equipment may also be different. If you need it, Shanghai SBM Heavy Trade Union will provide you with the most professional production line configuration solutions and equipment. If you have any questions about the sand making machine equipment, you can consult us at any time, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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