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What problems do Raymond mills easily encounter in the early stage?

After the user purchases the raymond mill, it needs a period of wear and tear after the installation is successful. During this period, the various parts of the equipment are more coordinated, and during this period of debugging, some problems can be found and solved in time to ensure the equipment Work went smoothly. So what problems do Raymond mills easily encounter in the early stage? First of all, because of the newly processed parts of the Raymond mill, there are deviations in geometry and fit dimensions. When initially used, they are affected by loads such as shock and vibration, as well as heat and deformation, and the wear of equipment components Quickly, loosen the original fastened parts. Secondly, due to factors such as processing, assembling and adjusting of Raymond mill parts, the friction surface is relatively rough, the contact area of ​​the mating surface is small, and the pressure condition of the surface is uneven. Therefore, it is easy to cause component wear during the running-in period, resulting in faster component wear. Thirdly, due to the looseness of the components of the Raymond mill, the vibration and the heating of the equipment, the sealing surface of the equipment and the pipe joints will leak. Then, because the new users did not know enough about the internal structure and performance of the Raymond mill, it caused operational errors during the production process and caused failures, and in some cases, the equipment was scrapped. Finally, the above is about some problems encountered in the initial use of Raymond mill. Shanghai SBM Co., Ltd. has been specializing in Raymond mill for many years. Its equipment models are all affordable, good quality, and are welcomed by the customers around. At the same time, if the user encounters a problem that cannot be solved by himself during the production process, he can ask professional personnel to solve it, and not blindly deal with it.

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