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Why does the Raymond mill gear fail?

Inside the Raymond mill, there are many different components that play different roles in production, but no matter what kind of component, once it has been damaged or failed, it will affect the equipment. In the production process, the gear is one of the important parts of the machine, which plays an important role in production. However, for some reasons, the failure phenomenon will occur. Here is to introduce the causes of the failure of the part. The first reason is that due to the special working environment of Raymond mill, the environment of the gear is relatively bad when it is running. After being affected by the dust particles, it will cause serious pollution of the gear, which will aggravate its wear and cause its The phenomenon of failure, in addition, the gear needs lubrication when it is used. If the lubrication is not timely or the type of the lubricant is not properly selected, the lubrication effect will not be achieved, and the transmission failure phenomenon will also occur; The second reason is that after the Raymond mill is running for a period of time, the axis of the pinion gear and the stepping drum of the gear unit will be non-parallel, resulting in partial contact of the gear meshing, and the gear is unevenly distributed throughout the production process. It is easy to cause the gear shaft to bend, and the gear transmission material is not uniform, and it is easy to have particles, entrained materials, etc., and the surface stress is too large, resulting in broken teeth; The third reason is that there is stress on the gear of Raymond mill. When the gear enters the meshing, the surface is prone to crack under the action of excessive stress, and the high pressure generated by the contact pressure during the gear running process The high speed enters the crack, and at the same time, the cover of the gear closes the crack, so that the oil pressure in the crack is further improved; The reason is that in the transmission, the load on the secondary teeth of the gear is greatly prolonged, which is also the reason for the rapid wear of the gear. At the same time, some impurities and floating matter in the air enter between the meshing surfaces of the gears, which will cause wear and tear, which will cause the failure phenomenon; This article mainly introduces the problem of why the Raymond mill gear will fail. The introduction of this problem is more detailed, mainly for four reasons. In the actual production process, different needs are needed according to these different reasons. Measures to solve or prevent the phenomenon of gear failure to ensure the normal operation of the Raymond mill.

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